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Based on the work done since July 2018, we have identified several issues faced by the school, local government officials and teachers in Punjab. These issue varies from decreasing enrollment and depleting learning levels to lack of trust in government schools and missing community participation.  


At PYLP, we believe that the solution to these problems is already available with the various stakeholders. Change can happen in a group learning process where participants who are equal stakeholders come together with the intention of learning and address the problems. As they identify and learn to solve their common challenges, they take responsibility for their actions and work together towards the collective visions.

A cluster is a group of 10-15 schools. A Punjab Youth Leader will work with teachers, members of the community and local government officials to enable structures and spaces which allow for mutual learning and growth, improve feedback and accountability mechanisms and initiate projects on specific local issues.


To learn more about Cluster Transformation process you can refer the handbook prepared by our partner Mantra for Change -

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