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Yuva Da Saath: The Game changers

A) Reona Bhola Youth Connect

On 17th November, members of ‘Sanjhi Sikhiya’ met youngsters from the village of Reona Bhola.  Purpose of this meeting was to understand the aspirations of the youth and their perception about development and education in the village. In this meeting, discussions went around from various opportunities and challenges which they see in the village and what avenues can be created where the youth of the village can be the driving force of change in the village. Out of the 10, enthusiastic youngsters attended this meeting 7 were girls who were studying in college. The major decision taken in this meeting was to indulge these youngsters in teaching co-curricular activities to the children once a week.

B) Saidpura Pendu Yuvak Sathh

On November 25, 2018, the youth of the village was called for a session with us by the former and existing sarpanches. The session was facilitated by Suneet Singh Ji who was a resident of the village and moved to Sirhind some years back.

The session was attended by the former and current sarpanches of the village, five young girls and the panchayat teacher at GPS Saidpura. We showed them a video of the good work done at GPS Reona Bhola with the help of the community. They shared the significant challenges that are hindering their growth. After a productive session, we decided to meet again next week to take things forward. 

Sarpanch and ex-sarpanch showed their enthusiasm in maximising the village's potential that would lead to a better and brighter future.

The primary concern of the young participants was career guidance and a space to share thoughts and feelings.

C) Yuvaka Da Sathh

PYLP Fellows launched a 10 weeks course for leadership development of inspirational young people of Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab. The aim of the course is not only to help youth take ownership for their growth but also for the development of their village. The first Youth Leadership Forum was organized in the village of Reona Bhola. Apart from the brilliant response in terms of participation what was more overwhelming was the turnout of women. These young and dynamic change makers have signed up for a 10-week long leadership program where they will learn and work together on addressing the local village level problems.

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