The role of a fellow at PYLP is integral to the learning journey for the all the stakeholders involved. On a weekly basis, the fellow will interact with teachers, clusters officials and bureaucrats. He/she will also be working closely with members of the civil society organisations and other youngsters in and around the vicinity who might be interested in learning and contributing themselves.


As a fellow, he/she will take responsibility towards end outcomes for the schools in their designated clusters. He/she will be required to take part in the learning sessions, hold regular cluster academic meetings and cluster learning groups and create similar experiences for other stakeholders on the ground.


As a part of first cohort, he/she will have the unique opportunity to participate in design and decision-making with the program team of PYLP.

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At PYLP, we define leadership as the ability to organise people and mobilise resources towards a cause you believe in. Over the two years duration of the fellowship, a structured leadership program will enable the fellow to develop leadership competencies through intensive weekly and monthly sessions and real-life experiences on the ground.


Besides implementing the cluster transformation process, a Punjab Youth Leader will also take up short-term projects to solve some of the specific local issues. This will be another practice ground for the fellow to apply what he/she has learnt and engage deeply on the micro level.


The beginning, middle and end of the two-year journey will also include a 2-4 week immersive in-classroom program, a 15-day road-trip in Punjab to various initiatives on the ground and personal interactions with various leaders who have contributed towards Punjab in different capacities.