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Guiding Principles

We strongly believe that, in order to bring change at any level, different stakeholders have to collaborate and work collectively towards a common vision. In our daily work we are guided by our principles of Come, Learn, Work and Grow Together.


Coming Together

The process of change starts when we recognise our shared humanity and treat others with same trust and respect that we desire for ourselves. It creates a safe space where open enquiry is possible and a shared vision is co-created.

Learning together

Once we are aware of each other’s nature and strengths and accept them whole-heartedly, we begin the process of learning from each other. As we progress, learning becomes a collaborative responsibility, new knowledge is created and the whole group moves forward. Learning is visible in change in beliefs and behaviour of individuals.

Working together

Work, at Sanjhi Sikhiya, is a context for growth. It provides a practice field where you can apply your learnings and deepen your understanding with mutual support. Working together also provides a membership of a community with shared beliefs and experiences which further strengthens the whole process.

Growing together

Growth, with us, is aimed at consistently shedding your limiting beliefs and expanding from within. In the learning community, where everyone is striving for the same purpose, one’s growth is intricately linked to the growth of the whole. This turns the process of change inwards and everyone feels fully supported to work on oneself in the company of others.


Solve the grassroot challenges and hone critical skills in self.

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