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The Beginning

In July 2018, PYLP launched its operations in the district of Fatehgarh Sahib (FGS), Punjab. With the support from the education department at the state as well as district level, we started our work. Before we began, we met several stakeholders at the district, cluster and school level. A cluster typically comprises of 10-15 schools in a particular district, and within a specific radius.


With the intention of “learning by doing”, we began by understanding the needs of government primary schools in Fatehgarh Sahib. Post the need assessment, we started designing a transformation process at a cluster level to improve the quality of education in these schools. We undertook this exercise in partnership with the teachers and members of the community.




As we engaged in a diverse range of projects, we came across inherent leadership amongst the teachers, local residents and students from FGS. This reinforced our belief that leadership exists everywhere, it just needs to be identified and nurtured.

One of our community members, Ruby, visited us in July. She has shared her experiences from the ground in this blog post. 


Arai Majra school at Fatehgarh Sahib  is a great example of entire community “coming together” for a great cause.

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