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Mitthi de Heera: Shining Stars

A) Transformation Work by Head Teacher of GPS Chunni Majra

On November 24, 2018, our team-mates, Sukhdeep and Sukhmanjot, closely observed GPS Chunni Majra in Mathi Cluster Bassi Pathana - 1 Block. Their major finding was that an environment of recognition for motivated community members will boost the support for the schools. It will aid the development of new support and strengthen the old ones. 

With this framework, the school was able to enhance its enrolment along with improving on other parameters. We decided to document the work done in the school by the Head Teacher Bhupinder Sir so the initiative improves in its current school and spreads to other places as well.

B) Crowd Funding Campaign for GPS Reona Bhola

How many times have you seen the alumni of a primary govt school coming together to transform their alma mater? This is exactly what’s happening in Reona Bhola, a small village with just 1000 people in Punjab’s Fatehgarh Sahib district. These alumni, along with the active support of the school teacher and Panchayat have set up a society called Children's Bright Future Society.  They just need #SavaLakh to take their school to the next level, for which they have launched a crowdfunding campaign today: The community has decided to match every contribution that comes from outside the village. Hope you will support them!

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